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All of our courses are free & online. Instructors and students will meet on Zoom for class. See each department's page for specific times & details.

There will be an info-session for all courses and programs offered at Pixel Teach in late July and early August. Please go to the Student Sign-Up page for more details.

Certain courses require the student to take a diagnostic before enrolling. Please read the diagnostic page for more details.

All courses will assign homework and occasional self-learning and will provide multiple resources, such as videos, texts, etc. to facilitate the educational process.

All AP courses will also assign quizzes, tests, and projects if applicable. Each of those assessments will be manually graded by our instructors. Non-AP courses may assign these assessments as well.

If you need financing assistance for educational resources (such as a laptop, textbook, exam fees, etc.), you may fill out a form on the student sign-up page.

We may offer more courses in the future (like other AP's or SAT preparation)! Subscribe to stay updated with the news.

Note: Pixel Learn's courses do not offer any academic credit at the moment. If there is limited seating, preference will be given to students whose schools do not offer the course.

Courses: Welcome


At Pixel Learn, our courses run either semester-long or year-long:

For year-long courses, classes start in September and end in May for AP courses or June for non-AP courses.

For semester-long courses, classes either start in September & end late January, or start late January & end mid-June.

Course Pacing


Below is the difficulty of each of our courses and the estimated time students will need to spend studying between each class.

Comfortable (0.5 - 1 hour between)

Introduction to Python

Advanced Python

Intermediate (0.75 - 1.5 hours between)

AP AB Calculus​

AP Statistics

AP Computer Science A​

AP Psychology

Demanding (1.25 - 2 hours between)​

AP BC Calculus​​​

AP Physics C: Mechanics​

Varies (Anywhere from 0.5 to 2.5 hours between, depending on skill level & commitment):

Standardized Test Prep Courses

Courses: Who We Are
Courses: Get Involved
Courses: Text

Standardized Test Prep Courses

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