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Pixel Learn General Email:

Are all courses & programs free?

Yes! All courses are available free of charge for everyone.

What is the difference between help-desk programs & courses?

The main difference is help-desk programs are intended for students who need help for a class they are already taking, while our courses are intended for students who want to learn an advanced topic/take an AP exam not offered at their school


Help-desk programs expect students to have learned the course's content in school. When they encounter difficulty with a problem, need to ask a question, or need a re-explanation of a particular topic (mini-tutoring), they can hop onto a Zoom meeting during office hours and receive aid from experienced instructors. Help-desk programs do not have regularly scheduled live classes.

Pixel Learn's courses teach students advanced topics through scheduled live classes, regularly assigned homework, and some materials to self-study. For courses that start with an "AP," students will be prepared to take that particular AP exam near May.

For brevity, think of a course as a help-desk program with scheduled live classes, an expectation to do assigned homework, and an expectation to do some self-learning. For both programs & courses:


  • Students can see instructors for help during office hours, or try to schedule individual personalized sessions.

  • Students can email instructors whenever they have a quick question.

  • Students will be provided learning materials such as extra practice, videos, etc.

Can I sign up for multiple courses and programs?

Yes! But don't overwhelm yourself.

Is homework mandatory?

Not at all! Though it is usually highly recommended, especially for AP courses.

Does Pixel Learn's courses & programs offer any official academic credit?

Unfortunately, no. In the future, we may try to become certified to offer academic credit.


Is there a mandatory time commitment?


Courses and help-desk programs do not have a mandatory time commitment. You may show up as much or as little as you wish, although attendance is encouraged.

Can I see an instructor’s credentials?

You can email the instructor individually to request their credentials.

When are courses taught?

Course pages include scheduling information.


How will remote teaching work?


Prior to the start of the course, we will send out perpetual Zoom links that will act as the classroom for each course. For every class, unless specified otherwise, the student will log onto their classroom’s Zoom link to participate. Please ensure that your computer has Zoom installed and has a working microphone & camera.

What if I miss a lesson or can't make it?


All courses and sessions are recorded and available for access 24/7.

I'm already taking an AP/advanced course. Could/should I take the same course on Pixel Teach?

You can take our AP/advanced courses even if you are already taking it somewhere else! In terms of whether you should, because our courses don't have a set time commitment, you can just do the practice problems/check-in assignments/tests and use our resources without attending class. There's no downside in signing up.

What materials do I need for my course?

Prior to the start of the course, the instructor will email you the materials needed to prepare for the course. All necessary software and programs will be free.

In general, you will need at least :

  • A notebook or stationery to take notes & solve problems

  • Writing utensils (such as a pen or pencil)

  • A phone to take pictures with

  • A working internet connection

  • A laptop that can run zoom

For courses, will there be homework? Projects? Discussions?


Typically yes. You may even need to do some self-studying for the more difficult courses we offer.

I have a question about the curriculum of the course. Whom should I contact?


Email us at, or email an instructor of that course.

I would like to cancel/switch programs. What should I do?


Email us at

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