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Each math course is taught by accomplished high-school students who have scored a five on their respective AP exams.

Note: All AP Calculus & Physics courses require an understanding of Pre-Calculus. A placement test will be provided that will evaluate if a student is ready to take these courses.

All of our general course policies are listed here and all Math courses are listed below:

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AP AB/BC Calculus

From stocks to particles to populations, the world is constantly changing: the study of calculus is humanity's attempt at trying to understand that change, both at an instantaneous level as well as in terms of accumulation. Calculus, developed in the 17th century by two separate mathematicians, is both elegant in its design and versatile in its utility, with applications in practically every scientific field.


AP Calculus AB will cover the equivalent of a first-semester course of college calculus, with topics such as limits, derivatives, and basic integrals.


AP Calculus BC will cover the equivalent of two semesters of college calculus, covering the same topics of AB Calculus with the addition of advanced integrals and infinite series.

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AP Statistics

Any time you use your computer, make a purchase, or submit a college application, you are generating data: new information used to generate predictions and conclusions. Data is extremely useful, but it can become either your best friend or your worst enemy in the pursuit of truth, depending on how you use it. The study of statistics is about harnessing the power of data in order to make effective statements based on real-world behavior and events, but also understanding how that power can and has been misused.


AP Statistics will cover the equivalent of a first-semester course of college statistics, with topics such as probability, experimental design, hypothesis testing, and confidence intervals.


Course pacing explained here. Note: all dates and times are subject to small changes.



School Year:

Classes: Sunday

From 6:30 - 7:30 PM EDT, 8 - 9 PM EDT

Office Hours: Every Saturday

From 7 - 9  PM EDT

School Year:

Classes: Every Sunday

From 7 - 7:45 PM, 8:15 - 9 PM EDT

Office Hours: Every Saturday

From 7 - 9 PM EDT


School Year:

Classes: Every Saturday

From 8:15 - 9 PM EDT

Office Hours: Every Saturday

From 7 - 8:15 PM EDT

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