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Each science course is taught by accomplished high-school students who have scored a five on their respective AP exams.

Note: All AP Physics courses require an understanding of Pre-Calculus. A placement test will be provided that will evaluate if a student is ready to take these courses.

All of our general course policies are listed here and all Science courses are listed below.

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AP Physics C: Mechanics

Sir Isaac Newton has been hailed as one of the most important people in the second millennium, and for good reason. His laws of physics helped usher in a new era of science and rationality that has paved the way for the modern world in terms of engineering and even space travel. At the most fundamental level, the behavior of objects in our universe is governed in part by basic mechanics, from a box tipping over to a rocket orbiting a planet.

AP Physics C: Mechanics will cover the equivalent of a first-semester course of Newtonian physics, with topics such as statics, dynamics, rotations, energy, simple harmonic motion, and orbital mechanics.


Note: The only prerequisite is Pre-Calculus & a year of algebra-based mechanical physics. Although this course will deal with basic calculus, the instructors will teach all the necessary calculus topics needed. You do not need to know any calculus beforehand; however, taking Calculus alongside this course will be beneficial.

This class may not run if not popular enough. If you sign up for this course, but it gets canceled, we will email you to let you know.

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AP Psychology

As one of the newest fields of science, psychology delves into human behavior. Humans have always wondered where thoughts come from, and psychology helps us understand exactly what is happening. Psychology is one of the most applicable fields of study in everyday life, with applications in education, business, law, and medicine (just to mention a few).

As an AP Psychology student, you will cover the equivalent of a first-semester college psychology course. You will learn about the history of psychology, methods and subfields of psychology, biological bases of behavior, sensation and perception, cognitive psychology, motivation and emotion, developmental psychology, emotion and personality, clinical psychology, and social psychology.

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Note: all dates and times are subject to small changes.


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Check your emails! We offer standard pacing, and we may offer complete pacing.

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